Photo Courtesy of Matt Vargo

Photo Courtesy of Matt Vargo

Experience + Philosophy


Jared B. Mandell founded JBMandell Woodworking after an apprenticeship with a local woodworking and design studio, under the instruction of a renowned carpenter named "Monk." After handcrafting over a hundred dining tables and desks, an artistic discipline undergirds all of the work. As a result:

  • The wood is curated in order to emphasize natural beauty in the wood grain
  • Local businesses are supported while acquiring materials
  • Furniture is designed to the highest possible aesthetic standards without forsaking function
  • Handcrafted pieces are built that will last a lifetime
  • Clients receive a personal communication ensuring that they always receive what they want

Since June 2015, this philosophy has been utilized to offer top quality, handcrafted, wooden furniture to customers stretching from San Diego to Los Angeles.


Standard of Quality




Solid Wood Construction




The goal is to build furniture that spans not just decades, but generations as well. Plywoods and particle boards have the life expectancy of about a decade, unless completely sealed from the elements. Hardwoods, as proven by centuries old furniture, can long outlive that. This is the reason for using only solid hard woods in constructing furniture. Extensive study has gone into wood growth and temperature expansion, so that the furniture built in JB's workshop will endure.

There are instances where it is better to use power tools over hand tools and vice versa. JB uses a combination of power and hand tools to ensure the final product is the best it could be. While no CNC machining is done in the shop, there is certain machinery that guarantees the straightest lines and symmetry where needed. All finish work is done by hand to ensure glass like surfaces.




Specific Machining Standards